Additional Venue Information

Venue Reminders

  • THE BURCH HOUSE IS A NON-SMOKING FACILITY Absolutely NO smoking (or vaping) permitted on property. There will be a $250 fee for any smoking on property.
    During events, please do not drive or park vehicles anywhere expect the designated grassy area. Parking is available directly in front of the Burch House, with additional parking in the pasture at the back barn. Handicap/elderly family members and friends are welcome to park in the driveway, and also to be dropped off (so long as vehicles remain on the road)
  • PROFESSIONAL DAY-OF WEDDING COORDINATOR OR PLANNER is HIGHLY recommended for your event. We assure you, this one is worth it. No matter what your budget, the right planner/coordinator is worth their weight in gold for your BIG DAY. From making sure your vendors are secured, and show up at the right times, to helping coordinate your wedding rehearsal and day of, we recommend coordinators/planners to ensure every wedding at the Burch House goes off, without a hitch. Please contact us if you need our preferred vendor list.
    Our in-house catering removes trash for you, but if you have booked another approved vendor, please remember they are responsible for all trash, including providing trash bags, and trash removal.There will be a $150 fee for any trash left on property that must be disposed of. If your caterer does not offer to take trash off site, the client IS RESPONSIBLE for removing all trash
  • ALL DECOR / ALCOHOL / FOOD MUST BE REMOVED FROM VENUE Clients are not permitted to leave any belongings at the Burch House overnight. This includes alcohol, cake, food, decor, supplies and more. Any items left at the Burch House become property of The Burch House and may be disposed of. This includes RENTAL items. If your rentals cannot be picked up the night of the event, you are responsible for taking these items with you and arranging a pick up time from your location.
  • ANY ITEM OVER 40LBS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE BURCH HOUSE PRIOR TO USE This includes everything from pick up truck props, to wedding arbors, to cake tables, to antique doors and more. If your item weighs over 40lbs, you must supply information and an image prior to setting it up on the Burch House property. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to exclude certain items if they pose a threat to safety. Clients will be notified within 48 business hours of such approval.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO NAILS MAY BE USED IN THE INTERIOR OF THE BURCH HOUSE Please use existing nails/shelves or use commands hooks or similar to hang/display items inside The Burch House. Decor on antique doors/mirrors must be approved prior to use.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN FLAMES permitted unless approved by the Burch house, please contact us if you plan to use candles.


  • The Burch House supplies (5) 60-inch rounds + 8 (8ft) farm tables + 18 (8ft benches) + 150 fruitwood chiavari chairs. You will need to rent (120 in) table cloths for the round tables. Round tables seat 6-8 chairs comfortably (10 max). Farm tables seat 8 each. Benches may also be used for ceremony. Due to their nature, wooden Chiavari chairs may not be used outside if the ground is saturated.

    Setup is NOT provided.

  • The Burch House does not supply any 6(ft) or 9(ft) tables. Additional tables that may be needed are sign in tables, gift tables, cake tables, and catering tables. Farm tables and rounds may be used for all the above, except catering tables.
  • If you have more than 150 guests, we strongly encourage renting a portable trailer restrooms. These restrooms are cooled and very nice. They can be rented for the day (2 stall) for approx $390.00 If you are planning for a pasture ceremony / cocktail, regardless of guest count, the trailers are encouraged as there is no restroom close.The Burch House has (2) half baths and (1) full bath available for events.
  • Entering / exiting The Burch House
    Please be courteous of our neighbors when entering and leaving The Burch House. Please no speeding, littering, or excessively loud or inappropriate music while in the residential area.
  • Please provide a timeline and list of rentals to The Burch House no later than 45 days prior to your event. This helps us ensure everything has been taken care of, and your day runs smoothly.