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happily ever after, at the farm

It’s a farm.

A place that feels a million miles away from everything.

But isn’t.

The grass isn’t perfect.
The crickets always chirp at dusk.

There are dirt roads and old fences and more stars than you could count.

We’re proud to offer a piece of property for your big day, that hasn’t been disturbed.

The trees are tall.
We love how they sway in the wind, in the late summer.

In early spring, everything starts blooming, and the jasmine walkway, well. you can smell it from the rocking chairs on the front porch.

The ponds are full of big bass and bream.
So we hope you’re handy with a worm.

A wedding is a BIG day.
and we understand that.

Some worry about the cake.
the music. the photos. the decor.
Most worry, about the weather.

but we chose rain boots over tears, when the storms roll in > > >

You should know, we can’t be beat, on a sunny day.

We want that for all our brides.

But we promise a great party, come what may.

What we worry about. .
around here > > >

is good music,
good food,
good company,
and an overall good time.
for you, and those most important to you.

We’re built on a little love and a whole lot of faith.

We love picking blackberries along the ponds and fences. . .
and watching the moon come up over the barn.
We love crying daddies and proud mommas.
And vice versa.

We’re a farm first.
We’re a family.  And this place, it’s our home.

But, we’re also, a pretty incredible wedding venue > > >
And we’d love to have you out, to show you just why we fell in love with this old place.
We know, you will too.
So take a peak around, and if you like what you see, shoot us an email and sign up for the next site tour > > >

we know why you’re here: so let’s get down to business & start booking your dream wedding by checking out our prices> >  here